New Parent Page

Welcome to the basic information page for people who are new to this whole faith formation thing!

This is how it all works:  The 3-parish cluster of St. John Cantius, St. Anthony and Holy Spirit have all combined their resources to create a faith formation program  (used to be called CCD) which they have named Spirit and Saints Faith Formation Program (SAS).  Through this program the parishes sponsor faith formation classes for public school children, sacrament preparation for ALL children and youth, adult education and many youth ministry opportunities.  

 If you have a 5 year old and are planning on putting your child in a Catholic elementary school for Ktgn and 1st grade, you do not need to participate in Faith Formation classes with us until your child is in 2nd grade, because  your child will be getting formation classes at the Catholic school you choose. You will get information from your child’s teacher in 2nd grade  when it is time for you to be in touch with us  to enroll your child for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist training. In the meantime, here is the address for our cluster supported Catholic School:    St. Elizabeth Ann Seton  –

If you have a junior high or high school age student and decide to put them in Catholic school, then you will again not be involved with us until your child is in 10th grade for Confirmation preparation.  (Note – we start preparing for 10th grade Confirmation in the spring of their 9th grade year, so if you don’t hear from us you need to give us a call to make sure your child doesn’t get missed.)  If you are looking for the local Junior/Senior high Catholic School, here is your web address:

If you are planning to put your child in Public school then, THIS is the right place to get started!  First thing to do is fill out an application for Spirit and Saints Faith Formation Program and mail it to the address on the bottom of the application.  (You can find one under the Faith Formation tab and by scrolling down this page.)  We will then get you on our mailing list and get you materials and classroom times and dates.

A few important things to know:

SPRING REGISTRATION:   Spirit and Saints registers for all classes in the spring of the year for classes that will start in the following fall.  So, for example, if you are planning to enroll your little one during the year they start Kindergarten, you should send me an enrollment form the March/April/May before  – but if you forget just bring them to me when you remember and we will get them set up!  🙂  If you decide your child is not ready for faith formation classes in Kindergarten, you can register them the following spring and  start them out in the fall of their 1st grade year.

TUITION:    Because Spirit and Saints is kind of it’s own entity, we try to support ourselves with tuition paid by parents.  The tuition is $70.00 a year for the first child, $65.00 for the second child, and $55.00 for any other children.  We hope to keep the prices the same for as long as we can!   We also send out invoices all year round so parents can pay whatever they can, when they can.  We also offer options to pay by credit card or bank transfer.   We also offer discounted tuition to those who help us during class times.  And people who volunteer to teach, receive free tuition for their whole family.  Of course, if a family is unable to help and having a difficult time with tuition, they can still put their child in the program.  No one will be denied Faith Formation due to financial constraints. 

If you want to know more specifics about the program – like what curriculum we use, what our schedule typically looks like, what we expect of the parents and the students, our discipline policy,  our adult education (WordSearch) events and Youth Ministry opportunities, just click on the relevant tabs above and  go exploring.  If you have any questions after you are done, I will be happy to fill in any details I may have missed!  We can meet in person (Door # 5 in the St. Anthony Center is where our offices are located), on the phone (320-252-0535) or by text (320-200-9349) or by email:

To access the SAS handbook click here:  SAS Handbook – 2019-2020

To get a registration form click here:  SAS Registration form 2019-20



Parents in grades K-3 should park their cars on the south side of the lot and walk their children into the building.  They can pick them up at 7:30 pm at their rooms.  The teachers have been instructed to keep them in their rooms until you come.  PLEASE DO NOT COME INTO THE BUILDING UNTIL THE LAST 5 MINUTES AS THIS DISRUPTS THE CLASSROOMS.  THANK YOU!!

I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and your family as we work together to bring all of the children into the holy embrace of Christ!


Ginny D.




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